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Lots of events are free but please note many are ticketed, sometimes free but sometimes there's a price to pay.


FREE LIVE MUSIC: Every Sunday 7.30pm and every Friday 7pm (details may occasionally vary so check back here to confirm details) Revive your flagging weekend with the best of Birmingham’s bands here at the Gunmakers Arms. FREE!

Second and fourth Tuesday of the month 6.00pm. GAME ON: Board and card games for the beginner and expert. Free.

Last Thursday of the month 8.00pm. COMEDY: The Gunmakers Arms hosts the King Kong Comedy Club. £2 on the door or £1.66 (inc booking fee) - booking details under the entry below.

Third Saturday of the month 6pm. FOOD AND DRINK. Vegan drinks (all Two Towers Brewery ales are vegan) and a vegan street food vendor.

Second Sunday of the month 2pm. GUIDED TOUR. Birmingham's Ghost Signs - those traces of history you sometimes see painted on walls. All 2017 tours fully booked.


Tuesday 24 October 5.30pm until it finishes!: GAME ON! An evening of board games organised by a Birmingham-based group of board and card gamers. Some of the games are so new they're still in development. Great fun that uses a few brain cells. Also, maybe damages a few - depending on how much beer you consume.

Wednesday 25 October 7pm. HISTORICAL TALK: Corinne Brazier and Steve Rice - A Fair Cop. The first women police officers in the West Midlands were appointed 100 years ago in 1917. Corinne Brazier and Steve Rice are the authors of A Fair Cop which celebrates the centenary. More info, including booking details here.

Thursday 26 October 8pm. King Kong Comedy Club. Half a dozen or so standout stand-ups join host Jonny Cocker. There are rules about heckling, talking during acts, being unseemly drunk and switching phones to silent. They are enforced by the compere (pause here to consider ambiguity) with a velvet fist in an iron glove.

Friday 27 October 7pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC. Starmaker Karaoke. Well, you'll be live but your backing band will be recorded. Bring your vocal talents along to entertain (or otherwise!) your friends and enemies. A huge and eclectic selection of genres courtesy of Mark Tipping.

Sunday 29 October 7.30pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC. Ellie Jones and The Giants. From pop to ska, blues to soul, they play the songs you love ... and songs you'd forgotten you loved! More event details here.

Tuesday 31 October 7pm. HORROR NIGHT. At the Brewery of Madness. Book readings, film and more. We here at Two Towers Brewery and the Gunmakers Arms are welcoming and reasonably sane, of course. Although there's a locked room in one tower and, at a window of the other tower, there occasionally appears the silhouette of a woman who's face, at first just ghostly, turns a whiter shade of Chamberlain Pale Ale. Pop over to our Facebook page for more.

Tuesday 31 October-Sunday 12 November. EXHIBITION. Land, Sea, Sky. Birmingham-based photographer Pete Davies presents images of landscape and nature. Look out for a talk from Pete during this exhibition on a date to be announced.


Friday 3 November 7pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC. Darren Smith’s Singer/Songwriters. Not only is Darren, just about a resident here at the Gunmakers Arms, a talented singer/songwriter himself, he also has a wide circle of talented friends. So tonight he introduces us to some of them. Including Tim Martin, Ian Hughes and more we’ll let you know about when they’re confirmed.

Sunday 5 November 7.30pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC. Harlequins Kiss. A full-on rock five piece, playing original material and great covers. Here's their website. Country singer/songwriter Charlotte Young supports.

Monday 6 November 7pm. SCIENTIFIC TALK: Keith T Butler, Materials Theorist, University of Bath - Utopia/Dystopia: The good, the bad and the basics of Machine Learning. This is a talk about how machines learn and what it is they learn. Like, for example, can a machine learn to brew beer? There's only one way to find out - ask a machine to brew beer! Incredulous? Well have a look at this. More details about booking etc on this Facebook page.

Friday 10 November 7pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC. Matt Sawyers & Friends. More details will be forthcoming. Our Facebook events page might get there before this website.

Sunday 12 November 1pm. WALKING TOUR: Birmingham's Ghost Signs. These walks around some of those traces of history found on the city's walls are organised by Brum Ghost Signs and finish here at the Gunmakers Arms. Booking is essential (tickets £10) and they're really popular so pop over to Brum Ghost Signs Facebook page to find out more and to Eventbrite to book.

Sunday 12 November 7.30pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC. Smokin' Ade Wakelin. Original and classic songs and instrumentals of the Blues. Steeped in Texas Blues Shuffles, with a hint of Swing, Funk, Jump and Jazz. When they banned smokin' they weren't accountin' for Smokin' Ade Wakelin. Here he is on Facebook.

Friday 17 November 7pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC. Life. Jazz/swing/blues; great vocal (Sue Fear) backed by tight rock/blues combo!

Monday 13 November 7pm. HISTORICAL TALK: Dave Allen - In the Footsteps of Phyllis. When she died in 1969 Phyllis Nicklin left behind a marvellous, but largely unexplored, archive of photographs of Birmingham. As part of his Grid Project photographer Dave Allen, along with nearly 100 other photographers, is revisiting those places Phyllis photographed. The talk is, naturally, illustrated! More information at Tickets (£1.66 inc booking fee) and more info available at Eventbrite..

Sunday 19 November 11am start; ends at pub approx 1pm. HISTORICAL WALK & TALK. Letterboxes of the Jewellery Quarter. The distinctive letterboxes of the Jewellery Quarter were forged in the Georgian era as secure portals for precious metals and stones. 200 years later they remain an iconic detail of Birmingham’s unique industrial landscape. The tour starts near the Chamberlain Clock, Warstone Lane, is about two miles, takes approximately two hours and tickets (£10) are available here. There's more info on our Facebook page.

Sunday 19 November 6.30pm (As it stands, but TBC). FREE LIVE MUSIC. Maz Mitrenko Band. Well known and well popular around these here parts the Maz Mitrenko Band 'play a mixture of finely honed original songs alongside a range of classic blues and rock covers from the likes of Rory Gallagher and Jimi Hendrix to some less likely selections from Steve Earle and Robin Trower.' You can read those very words and more on mazmitrenkoband.co.uk.

Friday 24 November 7pm FREE LIVE MUSIC. Dark Circus. They'll be playing two sets, one either side of Darren Smith. To find out more about Dark Circus visit their Facebook page. And here's a link to Darren's.

Tuesday 28 November 7pm. LOCAL HISTORY. Fiona Joseph - The role of Cadbury women workers during World War One. Join Birmingham author and speaker Fiona Joseph as she delves into the Cadbury Archives to uncover the real life stories of the factory women at Bournville during war-time, and how their efforts on the Home Front inspired her novel, Comforts for the Troops. Fiona is also the author of Beatrice; the Cadbury heiress who gave away her fortune. You can find out more about Fiona and her books at fionajoseph.com.
Please book here (£1.66 inc booking fee): Not just chocolate bars and knitted socks.

Sunday 26 November 7.30pm FREE LIVE MUSIC. Paul Stedman & Friends. Keeping the blues alive with the help of some rock, reggae and soul. Here they are on Facebook.


Friday 1 December 7pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC: The Dead Bandits. Live, of course! A terrific covers band described (by themselves!) as ‘possibly the best rock & roll band in the Midlands’. Chuck Berry; Little Richard; The Beatles; The Rolling Stones; Muddy Waters; Status Quo; The Refreshments; T-Bone Walker; Gary Moore; Canned Heat; Dr Feelgood; The Mannish Boys. Say no more. Here's their Facebook page

Sunday 3 December 7.30pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC. Grant Pritchard Trio. Blues and funk driven rock. Original material blends catchy riffs and melodies with guitar fronted intricacy. See more at www.grantpritchardmusic.com/.

Friday 8 December 7pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC: Darren Smith; Acoustic Session. Darren’s building up a solid following here at the Gunmakers Arms. Here's his Facebook page.

Sunday 10 December 1pm. WALKING TOUR: Birmingham's Ghost Signs. These walks around some of those traces of history found on the city's walls are organised by Brum Ghost Signs and finish here at the Gunmakers Arms. Booking is essential (tickets £10) and they're really popular so pop over to Brum Ghost Signs Facebook page to find out more and to Eventbrite to book.

Sunday 10 December 7.30pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC: The David Moore Band. Returning to Birmingham from New York for a spell David Moore brings his own take on blues guitar to the Gunmakers Arms. See the band on YouTube and then see them live here.

Friday 15 December 7pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC: Derek and the Checkmates with Maz Mitrenko. A very popular band with a big loyal following. Playing blues and rock, the band features Derek Wood (Bass & Vocal), Dan Wood (Guitar), Tom Fisher (Drums) and Pete Hyde (Guitar & Vocal). Here they are on YouTube.

Sunday 17 December 7.30pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC. The Honey Boy Jones. It’s a welcome return for this purveyor of old time american blues sounds. Here's Honey Boy Jones’ Facebook page.

Saturday 23 December 7pm. FREE LIVE MUSIC. The Good Water; Crop Circles. After their terrific gig here in September we were obliged to get them back. If you were here you’ll know what we mean; if you weren’t, don’t miss it this time. Find out more at The Good Water.

Christmas Eve; Sunday 24 December 7.30pm FREE LIVE MUSIC. Thirsty Work. We're absolutely delighted to welcome back Thirsty Work for Christmas Eve. Superlatives aren't enough so here's a hyperlative: Great music! Have a peek at their Facebook page and then nip over to YouTube for a setlist sample.