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TUESDAY: 9am-11pm
WEDNESDAY: 9am-11pm
THURSDAY: 9am-11pm
FRIDAY: 9am-12am
SATURDAY: 12pm-12am
SUNDAY: 12pm-10pm
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Welcome to the Gunmakers Arms

Opening flourish!

The Gunmakers Arms, Two Towers Brewery's real ale pub on the edge of Birmingham's city centre, opened it's doors recently after a dramatic transformation that's got the city buzzing. Just a few minutes' walk from Snow Hill Station or a ten minute stroll from Birmingham city centre the 'new' Two Towers Brewery tap now has TEN real ale handpulls serving ales from the brewery, which, as you'll see from the huge 'shop window' revealing all, is just next door, across the beer garden (more of a courtyard, really).


Today (Saturday 22 July) is your last chance to sample the full panoply of our range for BRUM VEGAN BEER & FOOD FESTIVAL. As well as 16 real ales (including a goodly yard or two of Two Towers ales, of course) we have a selection of ciders from Hogans and Barborne, and a couple of pallets of craft beers in cans and bottles. There's a list here on our Drinks page.Ubuntu Bakery & Foods will be providing vegan food late afternoon to mid evening. There's a bit more info here.



We're gradually reintroducing hot and cold food, opening at 9am during the week for breakfast and a menu of pub food later in the day. We've got proper coffee, too.
We have special £5.99 Pie & a Pint and £8.99 Curry & a Pint sessions, too.
There's more about what's new at the Gunmakers Arms here on our News page.


ALL TWO TOWERS BREWERY ALES (except one) £2.90.
All you have to do to take advantage of this special time-limited promotional offer is to visit the Gunmakers Arms, walk up to the counter (running not advised) and ask for any Two Towers beer except the double award-winning Bhacker Ackhams, hand over the appropriate sum and you will receive, more or less instantly, a pint of Two Towers ale. Yes, folks, it's that easy!
(Bhacker Ackhams is £3.20 which is still excellent value. I was going to say 'cheap' but 'cheap' isn't the kind of word one should use in the same sentence as 'Bhacker Ackhams'. Damn! I just did it - I used the word 'cheap' in the same sentence as Bhacker Ackhams. Oh no, and again! I shall just creep quietly away into a corner. Here I go, creeping, creeping, creeping ...)

Always something going on

There's live music, for one thing. Sundays at 6.30pm, for example, there's music to stop the weekend becoming a weak end (Boom! Boom!). And we're continuing our popular pre-refurb programme of talks, usually revealing local history and explaining science but sometimes offering something completely different.