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From Two Towers Brewery

Hockley Gold 3.6%
A sweetish, golden ale with a distinctive syrupy texture and honey overtones surrounding subtle fruit flavours, underpinned by malt notes.

Electric Ale 4.1%
A sharp, outstandingly refreshing pale ale, with a high-impact citrus hit followed by a notable 'zing'. First brewed and filtered and bottled for the Electric Cinema . The bottles look really cool!

Chamberlain Pale Ale 4.5%
Crisp, light and pleasantly hoppy this traditional pale ale yields the flavours of four carefully balanced hops with distinct, but not overwhelming, fruit, finishing with long sweet, biscuit malt and nutty flavours.

Bhacker Ackhams 5.6%
A very indulgent chocolate porter which presents itself as a thick, dark ale. The hops lift the flavours before the robust chocolate and nutty notes take hold! A very long, rich flavour.


Freedom Authentic Lager


Heritage traditional Somerset cider

Thatchers Gold