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Welcome to the Gunmakers Arms

The Gunmakers Arms is Two Towers Brewery’s real ale pub, on the edge of Birmingham city centre. As well as a range of Two Towers real ales we serve craft lagers and artisan ciders, all sourced as locally as possible. We’re just a few minutes walk from Snow Hill Station in Birmingham's famous Gun Quarter. We're less than ten minutes walk from the old Two Towers Brewery premises in Mott Street; stand in front of St Chad's Cathedral, turn right, go past the Salvation Army Citadel on your left, then down the ramp and you'll see the pub in front of you.
Sandwiches and hot food available from 12pm to 8pm - from £3.95. And real ale, of course.
The Gunmakers Arms, 93 Bath Street, Birmingham B4 6HG. Tel: 0121 236 8486.
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Thursday 25 August 8pm ... sharp!. COMEDY NIGHT: Ten acts! Including Badamasi Isa Badmos; Danny Beet; Sian Doughty (who has a gig at the Glee Club too!); Mo Haroon; Gina Jenkinson; Louise Levell; Tim Murphy; Dave Pollard; Paige Tolley; Matt Trimble. A VERY FUNNY EVENING IN STORE!


The Gunmakers Arms is now the new home of Two Towers Brewery and we're just a couple of weeks away from resuming brewing! Fear not, however, we have ensured we have enough stock to supply demand in the meantime. We still have a presence at Mott Street, using the remaining unit for admin, storage and bottling, but all brewing will be carried out at the Gunmakers Arms.
VISIT THE NEW BREWERY: The brewery runs tours at least once a month, usually on Saturdays starting at 12pm (but we can accommodate group bookings to suit, depending on numbers).
The first tours of the new brewery on 6 & 13 August are already fully booked but for more info
please go to Two Towers Brewery

Birmingham's Rising Star 2016

We're delighted and proud to receive the Rising Star pub of the year for 2016 from Birmingham CAMRA. Many thanks to all those who chose the Gunmakers Arms as the pub with a glittering future.


Thursday 25 August 8pm ... sharp!. COMEDY NIGHT: Ten acts! Including Badamasi Isa Badmos; Danny Beet; Sian Doughty (who has a gig at the Glee Club too!); Mo Haroon; Gina Jenkinson; Louise Levell; Tim Murphy; Dave Pollard; Paige Tolley; Matt Trimble. A VERY FUNNY EVENING IN STORE!

Wednesday 31 August 7.00pm. TALK: Pam & David Humphries – The Coffin Works. The story of the Newman Brothers' factory famous for producing superlative coffin furniture - so good it adorned the coffins of the likes of Sir Winston Churchill and Princess Diana.

Wednesday 7 September 6pm-8pm. JEWELLERY QUARTER FUSIONS: Two Towers, One (Hundred!) Tankards. Enjoy a guided tasting of Two Towers Brewery ales at gold and silver experts Artful Expressions where you can see a huge selection of tankards - ideal drinking vessels! - from They have an exclusive and varied range of tankards, from classic plain vintage pewter tankards to cool contemporary designs. They also offer an engraving service.
£5 gets you entry and a third each of four different ales; for £30 you can enjoy the tasting and take home a limited edition tankard; and for £40 you get all that plus a presentation pack of three ales to take home. Click here for tickets.
This event is part of Jewellery Quarter Fusions in which two separate businesses come together to create a unique event.

Saturday 10 September 12pm-5pm. TOLKIEN TOUR: A coach will pick you up from the Gunmakers Arms and then whisk you off on a tour of JRR Tolkien’s Birmingham, taking in the Oratory, where the young Tolkien was a familiar figure, and the two towers reckoned by most to have inspired the great professor. We finish off with a tour of the new Two Towers Brewery next door - including an ale tasting, of course! Tickets are £25 and you can book here: Tolkien Tour with Two Towers Brewery

Monday 12 September 7.00pm: BOOKS and BEER: Here's the recipe; take four handfuls of carefully selected words (if you MUST use cliches, give them a quick whirlywhizzwhirr in the word processor); next add a couple of pints of excellent Two Towers Brewery ales, stir thoroughly and marinate until almost, but not quite, all nervous tension has dissipated. Then stand up and spout forth! An evening of literary entertainment from some of Birmingham's literati. Entry is free but we'd be full of gratitude if you expressed your interest here at Eventbrite.

Sunday 11 September-Sunday 18 September Various times. EVENT: Birmingham's Gunmaking Heritage. Our contribution to Birmingham Heritage Week focuses on the industrial heritage that gives the pub its name. Based next door in the brewery, this is a week long look back at the history of gun manufacturing in Birmingham. The gunmaking industry thrived in the city from the seventeenth century, contributing significantly to the economic prosperity of the city, the region and the nation. The skills of precision manufacturing that were developed helped keep Birmingham at the forefront of the world's great manufacturing cities until well into the second half of the last century. Find out how Birmingham provided many guns for English Civil War and the American Civil War as well as the two Great Wars.
Wednesday 14 September 7pm. TALK: Professor David Williams - The Birmingham Gun Trade. The author of the authoritative book on one of the industries that made Birmingham the 'City of a Thousand Trades' tells the story of gunmaking in Birmingham and also places it in context; how, for example, consequent developments in technology changed the lives of Brummies - and workers all over the world.

Tuesday 20 September 7pm. TALK: Ann Brookman - Back to the Baroque: Rescuing a pre-Capability Brown Garden in Castle Bromwich. Find out how Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens, a rare example of an English baroque garden, has been restored, as far as possible, to how it would have looked in its heyday - 1680-1762.

Thursday 22 September 7pmVEGAN CHOCS & ALE: An evening of eating chocolate and drinking beer! Sindy Standley of Artastrytakes us through what's involved in making vegan chocolates and someone will be on hand to answer questions about Two Towers Brewery's ales. The £6 entry fee entitles you to a tasting of half a dozen delicious chocolates and three thirds of ale. To book email:

Wednesday 19 October 7.00pm: TALK: Caroline Archer – Baskerville Revisited. The Hound of the Baskervilles, Baskerville Old Face, Baskerville House and, of course, Two Towers Brewery's Baskerville Bitter - all named after John Baskerville. Professor of Typography at Birmingham City University, Caroline Archer, gives us an insight into one of the great citizens of Birmingham, the eighteenth-century typographer, printer, industrialist and Enlightenment figure. An inventor, entrepreneur and artist, he made eighteenth-century Birmingham a city without typographic equal by changing the course of type design. Old compositors welcome. Ah, the smell of hot metal! Have a look here for more: Birmingham History Network.

We also show lots of live sport on our big screen through BT Sport - including Premiership and Championship football, international and club rugby and football from abroad including Serie A and Bundesliga - and Australia! - along with live action from a range of other sports. Check out BT Sport live events to see what's on.
And we’ll be holding lots and lots more events which involve cultural stuff like people singing, people speaking words, people laughing lots out loud (and quite possibly doing some floor-rolling), people eating and people drinking (but not at the same time as floor-rolling).


Two Towers Brewery ales:

Hockley Gold 4.1% £2.70/£1.35
Chamberlain Pale Ale 4.5% £2.90/£1.45
Jewellery Porter 5% £3.20/£1.60
Stout Coffin 4.6%. £2.90/£1.45. A guest ale from Church End Brewery.
Black, chewy, creamy; malty with strong smoky flavours.
Freedom Authentic: Lager £3.50/£1.75

From the Czech Republic:
Pilsner Urquell £4.00/£2.00
Kozel £3.80/£1.90

Hogan’s Draught Cider £3.50/£1.75

There’s also real cider and a selection of spirits, soft drinks and other pub fare you might expect.