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Welcome to the Gunmakers Arms

The Gunmakers Arms is Two Towers Brewery’s real ale pub, on the edge of Birmingham city centre. As well as a range of Two Towers real ales we serve craft lagers and artisan ciders, all sourced as locally as possible. We’re just a few minutes walk from Snow Hill Station in Birmingham's famous Gun Quarter. We're less than ten minutes walk from the old Two Towers Brewery premises in Mott Street; stand in front of St Chad's Cathedral, turn right, go past the Salvation Army Citadel on your left, then down the ramp and you'll see the pub in front of you.
Sandwiches and hot food available from 12pm to 8pm - from £3.95. And real ale, of course.
The Gunmakers Arms, 93 Bath Street, Birmingham B4 6HG. Tel: 0121 236 8486.
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The Gunmakers Arms is the new home of Two Towers Brewery and, although we're a couple of weeks away from achieving full production capacity, we have been brewing again! We still have a presence at Mott Street, using the remaining unit for admin, storage and bottling, but all brewing will be carried out at the Gunmakers Arms. From the Courtyard at the rear of the pub you can get a great view of the brewery through a huge new viewing window. We will soon be publishing a schedule of our brewing so that you can see your ale being brewed; pop back a couple of weeks later and you can drink it!
VISIT THE NEW BREWERY: The brewery runs tours at least once a month, usually on Saturdays starting at 12pm (but we can accommodate group bookings to suit, depending on numbers). Pop over to Two Towers Brewery for more information.


All events free unless otherwise stated


Thursday 29 September 8pm. COMEDY. Funny how, when it comes round to the last thunderous day of the month and wallets, purses, pockets and bank accounts are really stretched, people who think they’re funny, and, fortuitously, quite often are, stand up. Not to be counted (though, if you are counting, there will be up to eight of them) but to distract you, with humour, from all those things you should really stay at home to worry about. The comedians will be interrupted occasionally by Jonny Cocker, who is, actually, also funny. There are rules about heckling, talking during acts, being unseemly drunk, switching phones to silent and ensuring you have food before 8pm.

Coming up

We still have the Birmingham Heritage Week display illustrating the the history and heritage of the Gun Quarter.

Friday 30 September 8pm. FILM NIGHT. We'll be showing Kolya, a rite of passage for a 53-year old gifted but banned Czech musician and the young boy who adopts him. Louka (the man) is paid to marry Kolya’s (the boy’s) Soviet mother because she wants to leave her homeland but then she … oh, have a look here Rotten Tomatoes Kolya review for the 96% from critics and 92%% from audiences. Then come along and see the film. Funny, sad, thoughtful, warm. Czech beer and sausages available! Organised by Birmingham's Czech Club and Slovak Club. Admission is free.

Wednesday 5 October 7pm. TALK: Ian Mitchell – Political views: Do they reflect rational thinking or are they a by-product of our personality traits and brain function? We assume that individuals make political judgments as a product of rational thought and reasoned debate. The talk will challenge these assumptions by presenting evidence to show that our political views reflect our personality traits and that these are directly related to our brain function.

Wednesday 19 October 7pm: TALK: Caroline Archer – Baskerville Revisited. The Hound of the Baskervilles, Baskerville Old Face, Baskerville House and, of course, Two Towers Brewery's Baskerville Bitter - all named after John Baskerville. Professor of Typography at Birmingham City University, Caroline Archer, gives us an insight into one of the great citizens of Birmingham, the eighteenth-century typographer, printer, industrialist and Enlightenment figure. An inventor, entrepreneur and artist, he made eighteenth-century Birmingham a city without typographic equal by changing the course of type design. Old compositors welcome. Ah, the smell of hot metal! Have a look here for more: Birmingham History Network.

Wednesday 2 November 7pm. TALK: George Elsmere - A crash course on female superheroes Covers the big hitters from comic book history, their role in the comics industry and the future for kick-ass super women as they cross from pages to the big screen. Discover the real women who inspired Wonder Woman, learn why the Bat family women are some of the most groundbreaking in comics, and finally answer the question: Where’s Black Widow? eorge Elsmere is a Birmingham based cosplayer (under the name Caramel Latte Kiss) and she co-presents the Geeky Brummie show on Brum Radio.

Thursday 7 November 7pm. TALK: Alan Clawley - Library Story. A history of Birmingham Central Library. In 2002 the council thought it was crumbling … well it is now! Alan Clawley challenged the council’s view of the Central Library and fought to the last against its demolition. A support group, Friends of the Central Library, founded in 2007, became well-known and respected for the intelligent way in which it challenged the demolition. They promoted new uses for the building and commissioned an alternative master plan that could incorporate it. The campaign raised the international profile of its architect John Madin and of Brutalism generally and was supported by the Twentieth Century Society and the World Monuments Fund. Alan will present images and documentary evidence that were used in the campaign and in the writing of his book on John Madin that was published in 2011.

Wednesday 16 November 7pm. TALK: Brendan Flynn The Artists of the Birmingham School In the late 19th and early 20th centuries a loosely connected group of artists who’d studied or taught at the Birmingham School of Art emerged as leading exponents of the Arts & Crafts Movement. Since then they have been recognised as an important link between the romanticism of the pre-Raphaelites and the Slade Symbolists; stepping away from Modernism in the general direction of Post-Modernism.

Tuesday 22 November 7pm. TALK: Liz Palmer - An Accident Waiting to Happen? The Whittall Street Explosion of 1859 Nearly 169 years ago the deaths of 19 people - 18 of them girls and young women - in an explosion at a percussion cap factory in Whittall Street, just across the Queensway from the Gunmakers Arms provoked outrage and eventually led to a debate in Parliament and the passing of a landmark Act designed to prevent another such tragedy. Liz Palmer, of Greenhill Genealogy, uses newspaper reports, inquest documents and other historical evidence to piece together what happened that fateful morning. Join us to discover more about the victims and the heroes and villains of the piece.

Wednesday 7 December 7pm. TALK: Liz Palmer – Children at War in Birmingham Project. Little attention was paid to how children fared during the First World War until recently. The Children at War in Birmingham Project , launched in September during Birmingham Heritage Week, aims to put that right. Liz Palmer of Greenhill Genealogy explains how the Heritage Lottery funded project is exploring Birmingham Archives’ resources, including school log books, children’s home records, postcards, health records, Belgian Refugee records, photographs and newspapers to find out more.

Thursday 15 December 7pm. TALK: speaker Moor Pool Garden Suburb: Harborne’s Hidden Gem Join us to learn more about the history of one of the UK's best preserved garden suburbs which was the brainchild of John Sutton Nettlefold, of Guest Keen Nettlefold (later simply GKN) and first chair of the Birmingham City Council Housing Committee. Established in 1907 It followed the concept of the Garden City, shared by George Cadbury in Bournville, to create low density housing with many interspersed green spaces, and community facilities.

We also show lots of live sport on our big screen through BT Sport - including Premiership and Championship football, international and club rugby and football from abroad including Serie A and Bundesliga - and Australia! - along with live action from a range of other sports. Check out BT Sport live events to see what's on.
And we’ll be holding lots and lots more events which involve cultural stuff like people singing, people speaking words, people laughing lots out loud (and quite possibly doing some floor-rolling), people eating and people drinking (but not at the same time as floor-rolling).


Two Towers Brewery ales:

Hockley Gold 4.1% £2.70/£1.35
Chamberlain Pale Ale 4.5% £2.90/£1.45
Jewellery Porter 5% £3.20/£1.60
And a guest ale from Fixed Wheel Brewery.
The Kaiser 5% £3.20/£1.60.

Freedom Authentic: Lager £3.50/£1.75

From the Czech Republic:
Pilsner Urquell £4.00/£2.00
Kozel £3.80/£1.90

Hogan’s Draught Cider £3.50/£1.75

There’s also real cider and a selection of spirits, soft drinks and other pub fare you might expect.

Birmingham's Rising Star 2016

We're delighted and proud to receive the Rising Star pub of the year for 2016 from Birmingham CAMRA. Many thanks to all those who chose the Gunmakers Arms as the pub with a glittering future.